Clients Feedback

"Greetings from Dubai, recently been to Nepal for 14days for sightseeing and trekking to ABC (Annapurna Base Camp). We had amazing time with Amrit taking us to different templs it was enjoyable. Talking about trekking, it our first time we were really worried if we could make it there, thankfully we did! Even though suffered from Altitude sickness while ascending and I didn't want to turn back, poor our guide Babu! he was so patient with my tortoise walk. And that wasn't it, while walking down the Mountain got an asthma attack and rescue had to be arranged. Amrit had put all his time and energy to make sure rescue helipad comes with no delay and made sure was getting best treatment, he was always there for us, he wasn't just a guide to us but we were great friends. Apart from all, it was worthwhile the view of the mountains and the feeling of being at ABC is just amazingly gorgeous and the credit goes to the team I wouldn't have made if it wasn't them. I highly recommend these 2 great guys, Babu and Amrit with them you have nothing to worry about."

Rahima Haji Daud

"Me, my dad and my cousin went for a five day trip through the Annapurna-mountain and we had a lot of fun. Everything went well and we had a great guide. Amrit Thapa showed us around Kathmandu and we enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for everything! Greetings from Germany :D"

Dolly Schüler

"I recently was on a trip to Kathmandu with Amrit Thapa as our guide. I was quite happy to find that Amrit was so gracious to us Nine Bhutanese . From the time we arrived in Kathmandu until we left 4 days later, we were well cared for and treated as friends instead of tourists. Amrit is sought after as one of the most favored and best guides in Kathmandu and I would be very appreciative if he could be my guide the next time I am in this magical kingdom. I seriously recommend Amrit and his company. Thank you Mr. Amrit "

suraj chhetri

"Dear Amrit, we are very proud writing you this. Thank you very much for making our stay home away from home... we are happy with the hospitality u have rendered us.... infact all the groups have conveyed thanks to u.... all the best and keep the same spirit to all of ur future client...."

Lal Chhetri